7 Days 3.07%
1 Month 34.90%
2 Months 51.20%
3 Months 41.03%
6 Months 47.56%
Year To Date 69.89%
1 Year 98.57%
2 Years 91.83%
3 Years 245.71%
All-Time 5,647.84%

Daily Volume 118.93M
Avg. Volume 7-Days 131.22M
Avg. Volume 1-Month 116.63M
Avg. Volume 3-Months 83.03M
Avg. Volume 6-Months 76.84M
Daily Dollar Volume $482M
Avg. Dollar Volume 7-Days $517M
Avg. Dollar Volume 1-Month $426M
Avg. Dollar Volume 3-Month $229M
Avg. Dollar Volume 6-Month $179M

52-Weeks High 5,804.45
52-Weeks Change -1%
52-Weeks Low 1,748.04
52-Weeks Low Change 229%
All-Time High 5,804.45
All-Time High Change -1%
All-Time Low 61.69
All-Time Low Change 9,218%

Index Constituents 188 companies
Rebalance Frequency Daily
Inception Date 2016-01-01
Current Index Price $5,747.84
Total Capitalization $62.32B
Total Outstanding Shares 35.33B

Total Index Constituents: 188 Companies

The Pot Stocks Index replicates the same performance of a portfolio investing an equal amount of money in each company in the cannabis sector, with daily rebalancing to maintain an equal weight.

The index is an indicator of the broad sector performance of cannabis stocks. It serves as a benchmark to measure the performance of individual stock compared to the index. We track the combined volume across all exchanges in Canada and the United States.

The Pot Stocks Index functions as an equal-weighted index by default, giving the same importance to each stock in the index. Capitalization-weighting and price-weighting are also available.

Read more about the index details and weighting types here

Requirements for inclusion:
* Cannabis must be the principal business activity of the company (based on revenue)
* Listed on Canadian exchange (TSX, TSXV, CSE, NEO) or in the U.S. (NYSE, Nasdaq)
* Companies that came public through reverse take-overs are included in the price history only after the RTO
* Previously-existing companies that converted their business-model are tracked in the index starting at the date it became a cannabis company
* The historical price is automatically adjusted to reverse-splits and shares consolidations.
* Full list of requirements here
* The inclusion of a company in the index is not an endorsement of the company or a buy recommendation